The benefits of embedded package integration in Fan Out Wafer-Level Package (FOWLP) technology include miniaturization, improvement of electrical and thermal performance, cost reduction and simplification of logistics. FOWLP technology offers flexibility with higher interconnect density and using different size die making it of great interest to mobile electronics manufacturers.

Advantages of Tango for RDL Fan Out WLP

  • Small footprint.
  • High throughput.
  • Staged degas process to remove moisture and contaminants
  • Low temperature processing (<100°C) to reduce stress and warpage
  • Superior surface preparation of molded substrates prior to sputtering
  • HVM development partnership for next generation FOWLP technologies

Staged Degas

Reducing the vacuum level in stages is better than baking in one chamber.

  • No complex software to manage batch/single wafer interface.
  • Reduces chances of cross contamination.
  • RGA mounted at each stage to monitor volatiles.

FDC – Tango Software Architecture

  • Partial pressure monitoring with RGA in recipe and sequence.
  • Active monitoring and control of all critical parameters from host.