Flip chip interconnect technology has been widely adopted over the last decade for better electrical performance, reduced cost and form factor. The Tango Systems’ Axcela PVD platform has been delivering excellent performance for all bumping technologies (Solder, Gold and Copper pillar) since 2006.

Copper pillar bumping technology is used for high performance devices like application processors and power management where fine pitch and excellent electro-migration properties are required at a cost efficient.

The next generation of DDR Memory and Interposer design with micro-bumping will also add to copper pillar becoming the interconnect of choice for Flip-Chip.

With many in the field already, Tango’s Axcela platform provides metal deposition for all wafer sizes, from 150mm up to 330mm.

Tango’s Capability for UBM

Multi Wafer DeGas Capacity 40-60
Actively cooled Sub Zero process wafer table Yes
Staged DeGas Yes
Throughput (wph) 40
Auto Wafer Centering Yes
Warped wafer handling +/- 10mm
FDC Control With RGA
Larger substrate capability Yes, 450, 650×650

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