The demand for lower cost and higher performance electronics is the motivation for the industry transition from wafer level processing to panel level processing. Normalized capital costs are less than half of wafer level formats.

Field proven handling of 500mm x 500mm panels

    • Can process panels stand alone (>1mm thick) or on glass carrier
    • Low temperature processing (<120C)
    • Surface preparation of molded panels prior to sputtering
    • Staged degas to remove moisture and contaminants
    • Modular cluster design
    • Small footprint
    • High Throughput
    • Excellent metal deposition uniformity

Process Capability on 600mm x 600mm Panel

    • Edge Exclusion: 5mm
    • DeGas Temperature Range: 100°C to 200°C
    • DeGas Time: 20 min to 60 min
    • Oxide Removal: 200-300A of SiO2 Equivalent
    • Ti Deposition thickness: 1000A +/- 100A
    • Cu Deposition thickness: 2000 +/- 200A
    • Process temperature: <120 °C