Compact system with Individual modules for all necessary functions of DeGas, Preclean, sputter deposition and a high vacuum robotic transfer chamber.

Single wafer sputtering system.
Smallest Footprint in industry
Fully Automated Cassette to Cassette

Designed to meet High performance R&D and Low volume Production

Plug and Play System Design with minimal setup time.

D-source magnetron technology with proven process flows gives the flexibility to deposit a variety of films:

Applications :

  • Single layer, Multi-layer metals, oxides and semiconductors
  • Low CoO
  • Co-sputtered alloys of metals, oxides
  • RF or Pulsed DC or DC sputtering

Software with Remote diagnostics, SECS/GEM compliance
Reliable system with high uptime, >92%

Special Process kits for: 

  • Lift Off process
  • Ionized PVD for TSV

Wafer Sizes (mm): up to 300mm.

Footprint: 1657mm x 755mm x 1822mm

Substrates: Silicon, Gas, Glass, Organic, metal



  • Batch load lock
  • Degas capability
  • PID Controlled Degas Automation
  • Wafer Mapping Sensor
  • Wafer presence/Slide out Detection

Preclean / Sputter Etch

  • Capacitively Coupled Plasma Etch Module
  • Patented RF delivery system
  • Temperature Controlled Wafer
  • Add-Temperature controlled Etch Process
  • UHV chamber with high sputter etch rates

Transfer Chamber

  • Integrated Chamber Isolation valves
  • High Vac Brooks Robot Transfer
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Add- wafer Presence Detection


  • Multi Target Single Wafer chamber
  • Reactive sputtering option for Oxides and nitrides
  • High Deposition Rate
  • Patented Ion Confinement Shielding
  • Uniform low temperature/Low stress films
  • Optimized Process kits