EMI Shielding

Tango Systems is the leading supplier for next generation shielding technologies. Both for single layer as well as multi-layer shielding. With the introduction of high capacity carriers based on multi-process chamber cluster technology Tango has been able to offer the lowest CoO (Cost of Ownership) for any sputtered EMI shielding process.

Tool utilization is the best in class with continuous production flexibility as the production line is never down. Tango has the flexibility of PM (Preventative Maintenance) to ensure tools are always functioning at optimal levels and is the only one to do this in the industry.

Mobile products increasingly require EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding. In the past EMI shielding has been done with metal lids (“metal cans”) on packages or sprayed on epoxy shielding materials. In order to improve the shielding performance, increase product yield and reduce the thickness of shielded packages the use of conformal shielding with metal sputtering has been introduced.

EMI Peformance > Cu thickness

Key challenges to overcome with metal sputtering for EMI shielding:

    •  Metal sputtering on organics (contaminants, moisture) requires efficient surface treatment prior to sputtering
    •  Temperature control while maintaining high throughput
In-Situ Temperature Monitoring

  • Non-contact temperature measurement
      • Based on emissivity of material
      • Emissivity based on tape/frame and deposition material
    • Calibrated with real temperature data
  • No need to use thermal tape or temp dots during daily qualification for production
EMI rings with packages
Benefits of Axcela EMI

  • Highest uptime in the industry >92%
  • Smallest footprint
  • Lowest Contact resistance <10-20 m.ohm
  • Lowest CoO <$2.50/ring
  • 5G proven HVM solution
  • Magnetic and Dielectric materials deposition capability

The cluster design of the Axcela HVM tool makes it possible for users to start with a single process chamber for low volume runs. Adding process chambers to already installed Axcela systems can be done in less than one hour. No other EMI shielding equipment has the capability to offer modular expansion to quickly adapt to manufacturing volume changes.

5G: Shield Requirements

Lower contact resistance

  • 100X improvement required
  • 1-2 ohm to 0.01-0.02 Ohm

Higher Step Coverage

  • Package thickness increase 0.8mm to 1.4mm
  • Coverage > 40% for thicker packages

Higher Conductivity

  • Higher conductivity to reduce shield thickness
  • 1.4mm packages

Tango <4um vs competition >5um