The Axcela™ system offers an easily scalable design, allowing the customer to select the most flexible, cost-effective design for a given application.

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The Topaz platform is a field proven tool for panel level packaging.”

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Onyx is Tango’s lowest cost innovation for low volume production and R&D applications.

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Leading Markets

Who We Are

Tango Systems, Inc. is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and is a leading innovator in high performance, cost-effective physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems. Tango is at the forefront of 5G EMI, PVD technology, and Backside Metallization (BSM). Tango has exemplified leadership in PVD technology providing a versatile platform for all formats: Wafer, Reconstituted Rings and Panel. Tango tools are field proven with more than 10 years of production globally.